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A warm welcome!

In the frantic world we live in, there are only few moments when you pause and really have the opportunity to connect with yourself; Can you remember when it was the last time that you did? And do you remember the sensations this sense of connection brought to you? Did you feel at ease , at peace and refreshed and revitalized? Maybe you gained clarity in a specific situation, were able to raise new standards for yourself, or it might have even enabled you to decide on how you want to contribute to this world. Maybe, today, you find yourself at a new crossroad in your life, and seek inspiration, personally or professionally, and you are ready to invest in yourself, going home with fresh inspiration, practical tools and a re-newed focus.

We are not a 5* resort, we are not a group travel organisation and we are not a traditional retreat center... our events are designed to open up to experiencing and thus learning this new lifestyle, to re-activate your intuition, and embrace new and passionate discoveries your soul is showing you. To offer an opportunity for coherence and union of the heart and the brain, creating the best conditions for a rich, intense and positive experience, which will renew the trust in ourselves and others.

Here at Lunablu Retreats we put all wheels in motion for you to revitalize on all levels: physically, mentally, intelectually and spiritually. You learn about yourself and have time to explore what really works for you; To learn to listen to your inner voice and then act accordingly. You get to nourish your body with healthy, organic and tasty home cooked Italian food, experience how valuable clean food is, and still enjoy a delicious meal. You will learn how to live in the present moment, to connect with your true self, to consciously find the true essence of life, meditate, feel and think: it is our biggest gift to ourselves to experience and enjoy life as it should be. Once you know how to take care of yourself means also that you can enjoy life more. 


Here you will find that people genuinely care about you, every gesture, detail and smile creates this personal connection, an invitation to share who you truly are. Make new friends, share your story, your dreams, overcome your fears and open up to new experiences. Reset and find the reconnection with the best version of yourself, that is most important reason why we retreat, something which continues to evolve and grow even once you traveled back home. 


                      We are awating you in Sardegna!
                     Petra & Luca

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