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In 2018, Luca Venturini and Petra Stormen, the visionary co-founders of Lunablu Retreats, welcomed travelers to Salento in Puglia, Italy's enchanting heel. In 2019 they moved to Sardegna and now, in 2023, they extend a warm invitation again to experience  their events. Sardegna's untouched landscapes remain one of Italy's best-kept secrets, promising abundant sunshine, crystal-clear turquoise seas, and mouthwatering culinary delights sourced from nearby waters and fertile pastures that grace Italian tables.

Petra reflects on their journey: "We've carved out a unique niche in the world of business, travel and retreats. Our events are designed to foster harmony between the heart and mind, creating an environment conducive to profound, positive experiences that renew our trust in ourselves and in others. We cultivate a strong, supportive community and provide a space for genuine self-expression and deep self-exploration."

Luca adds: "At Lunablu Retreats, the focus is entirely on the participants. Our own lifestyle is embraced with ease, pragmatism, and a hearty dose of humor and laughter. The goal is to create these perfect conditions for a warm, transformative, and uplifting experience that empowers individual travelers and groups that visit us. "

Our Story

Discover the untamed beauty of Sardegna in 2023, where wild beaches, exquisite cuisine, and an authentic, down-to-earth lifestyle await your exploration at Lunablu Retreats. Luca, with his culinary prowess and deep understanding of Italian cuisine and wines, and Petra, drawing on over 20 years of business and coaching expertise, hold space for their visitors to heal and grow. Together with their dedicated and talented team from around the world, they share knowledge and wisdom to enrich the event experiences.

About Us

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Our Backgrounds

Luca has dedicated his entire life to the world of gastronomy. His journey began with owning a business in Brazil, followed by invaluable experiences at his family's restaurant in Italy, and further honing his skills in Germany and The Netherlands. Since 2021, Luca has found his home in Sardinia, where his dream of running a lounge truck has become a reality. What fuels Luca's passion is the idea of freedom—the freedom to bring his services directly to his clients, ensuring that people have a fantastic time wherever they are.

When we embarked on the journey of creating Mantaray, our Lounge Truck, it was born out of the desire to offer the South Beach area in Cagliari high-quality, enjoyable cocktails right on the beach, all at reasonable prices. Since then, we've become known as the go-to spot for anyone seeking the ultimate beachside experience. We invite you to come over, say hello, and become a part of our vibrant community. We can't wait to connect with you!

About Luca

Petra combines her passion for personal growth and development with a lifestyle to serving others. Her career spans more than 20 years as an independent senior business consultant and has acted as certified coach for a multitude of international companies. She has worked closely with C-suite executives, international management and project teams on transformational and change roadmaps at critical moments in their respective processes. She has conducted hundreds of sessions, events, workshops and trainings that have allowed people and organizations to flourish.

Over the years Petra has worked with resources and tools used in many Fortune 500 companies, as well as studied with renowned spiritual teachers and global leaders.  Petra is a certified business coach with Marshall Goldsmith, The Global Coach Group, a licensed Life Coach, MBCT, Passion Test Facilitator, PMP, PCC and BB and specialized in Transformational Growth.

About Petra 


Meet the Forces Behind Our Success

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