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Your idea is our challenge!

Whether you are planning for a personal event ( a wedding, a family holliday or another lifecelebration) or a business event ( a product presentation, a business event or a new group cooperation) let us take care of all your logistic and operational challenges. We are living here in the area, have a strong network with local suppliers, know the best places for your excursions and love to share live as it should be. 

A full immersion in the authentic italian lifestyle with Petra and Luca, co founders of Lunablu retreats. They are passionate about sharing their lifestyle with others and organize retreats, popup coworkations and host unique events in the region. Bring a team or a group of clients  to train, teach and develop, while enjoying the best of what the region has to offer. How about an old palazzo, where you spend a couple of days, brainstorming on your new productline, or next year’s strategy. Maybe you want to teach others while you are promoting your business ideas? A private chef to cook for you, fun and exciting excursions, a private pool, sharing dinner at candle-lit wooden tables outside in the garden and making a lifelong impression on your participants.

Luca says: '...every time is different, that makes it exciting for us, creating something no one has done before. Expect to be impressed, to be surprised. We could try and give you a broad overview of what that covers, but the fact is we tailor incentives, events and recognition programmes to specific needs. Not two events are the same. That's what makes Lunablu  so unique and so successful.."


Event Management

Conference Management



Private chef 


Inspiring activities and workshops

Wellness & massage services

Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi classes


'...We are in charge of thinking about things, before people know they need it ...'
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