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Vintage Elegance:  Winery Experience
Vintage Elegance:  Winery Experience

Vintage Elegance: Winery Experience

In the heart of this enchanted land, we have curated an exclusive visit that promises much more than a day; it offers an odyssey filled with the richness of flavor, the depth of history, and the sheer joy of shared moments.

Time & Location

Upon Request

Multiple Locations

About the event

10:00 AM - Welcome to Winery

Arrive at the picturesque Winery, nestled amidst vine-covered hills. A warm welcome awaits as you step into the world of Sardinian Wine.

10:30 AM - Vineyard Exploration and Winemaking Insights

Embark on a guided tour of the vineyards, where the grapes bask in the Mediterranean sun. Gain a deeper understanding of winemaking, from grape to bottle, as our experts share their insights.

12:00 PM - Wine Tasting and Degustation

Savor a curated selection of the finest wines during an exclusive tasting session. Let your taste buds dance as you explore the unique flavors and aromas of Sardegna's terroir.

1:30 PM - Farm-to-Table Lunch

Enjoy a delightful farm-to-table lunch, featuring locally sourced ingredients and regional specialties. Wine from the cellars perfectly complements this culinary experience.

3:00 PM - Cultural Connection: Sardegna's Traditions

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Sardegna through traditional music and dance. Engage in interactive workshops that showcase the island's heritage.

4:30 PM - Vineyard Stroll and Farewell

Take a leisurely stroll through the vineyards, absorbing the serenity of the surroundings. Bid adieu to the Winery with cherished memories and newfound appreciation for Sardegna's winemaking traditions. This day at the Winery promises a blend of elegance, culture, and the joy of savoring exquisite wines in a setting of timeless beauty. Join us as we raise our glasses to celebrate the essence of Sardegna, one vintage at a time.

17.15 PM - Departure and Return to Lunablu Retreats

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