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Petra is the owner and founder of MySkillsLab, and offers of top-tier off and online training programs. Petra is a seasoned professional who combines her passion for personal growth and transformation with over 20 years of experience as a senior business consultant and certified coach for international companies.


Petra doesn't simply lead; she orchestrates journeys of personal and collective transformation. Her workshops and training sessions are carefully crafted to leverage the enchanting backdrop of Sardegna, connecting all the dots and guiding you on a path of self-realization.

Petra Stormen


When you embark on an event with us at Lunablu, you're an integrated part on a journey of self-discovery. Petra is there to facilitate moments of clarity, connection, and personal growth that will resonate long after you've left the island. Her unique approach ensures that every retreat is a transformative and magical experience.

Transformational Journeys


We take great pride in Petra's ability to orchestrate experiences that go beyond expectations. Her talent for guiding guests through magical transformations and using Sardegna's environment to connect the dots makes her an invaluable part of the Lunablu family.

International - Sardegna


Manataray injects a sense of fun, liveliness, and "joie de vivre" into the South Sardinian coastline. In a world dominated by fast-paced online ordering and convenient food deliveries, they stand out by infusing a touch of their free-spirited ethos into the experiences they offer to our guests.


Luca is our trusted partner for curating all our exceptional experiences. With an expansive local network and a knack for delivering fabul service, he creates a winning combination that elicits smiles and creates lasting memories for all our participants.

Luca Venturini


Luca is the creative force behind all our experiences, meticulously planning and orchestrating each one. As our go-to expert for ground activities, he guarantees that every event seamlessly connects with the authentic essence of Sardinia, ensuring a truly immersive local experience.

Ground Service Provider


Mantaray is our mobile lounge truck, adding a touch of distinctiveness to every event. With its superb cocktails, local brews, and lively music, there's always a reason to celebrate and make each occasion special and unique

Italy - Sardegna 


Vita in Vela is our dear partner for sailing courses and team events. They offer top-tier sailing education that's straightforward, safety-focused, and delivers a delightful experience every time we set sail with them.


For years, Chris & Chris have been offering sailing classes to both groups and individuals who come to Sardinia with a singular purpose: to learn the art of sailing.

Chris & Christiane


Their courses blend hands-on experience with solid theoretical foundations and a straightforward, no-nonsense approach. Their satisfied customers often leave Sardinia both physically tired and immensely content, raving about their enriching experiences.

Sailing - Team Events


Whether you're aiming to provide a memorable experience for your participants, foster genuine teambuilding, or engage in competitive regattas among your teams, Vita in Vela is our go-to choice.

Italy - Sardegna 


Nourishing the body is an essential part of enriching the soul. That's where Chris, our exceptional Private Chef, steps in with his culinary artistry. With a passion for healthy, farm-to-table cuisine, Chris transforms every meal into a colorful and delicious masterpiece.


Chris doesn't just cook; he crafts culinary experiences that celebrate the beauty of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. His commitment to farm-to-table dining means that every dish bursts with vibrant flavors and nutritional goodness. It's about more than just a meal; it's a journey of taste and well-being.


Private Chef

When you dine with us at Lunablu Retreats, you're not just enjoying a meal; you're embarking on a culinary journey. Chris creates menus that reflect the essence of Sardegna's flavors, adding his unique twist to each dish. It's an invitation to savor, appreciate, and nourish yourself from the inside out.

Culinary Journeys


We take pride in offering our guests a dining experience that exceeds expectations. Chris plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every meal is a testament to our commitment to excellence, wellness, and indulgence.

Berlin - Sardegna 


KK Hospitality Representation & Consultancy has a wonderful portfolio of unique leading hotel partners offering MICE & LEISURE solutions with the aim of creating unforgettable memories and exceed your expectations in the Benelux. 


Katja is our reliable events partner in the Benelux region. Anytime our clients look for venues that are more conveniently located near their offices, Katja is our trusted go-to partner



KK provides The Leading Belgian Hotels Portfolio, which aligns perfectly with the high standards we set for our customers. Our portfolio offers a wide range of options suitable for various event types and sizes. As always, we are committed to being on-site to facilitate, train, or collaborate closely with our clients.



One of our most prestigious locations is La Butte aux Bois in Lanaken, where a welcoming presence can be found at every turn, ensuring that your events and participants receive the utmost care and attention to detail.

BENELUX - Sardegna 


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