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Embrace the Magic
Embrace the Magic

Embrace the Magic

An Enchanting Evening on Sardegna's Shores

Time & Location

Upon Request

Multiple Locations

About the event

Gather on the beach for a guided sunset meditation led by an experienced instructor. Find inner peace as you absorb the serene beauty of the sun's slow descent into the horizon.

8:30 PM - Live Music by the Beach

Experience the enchantment of live music as a guitarist and bongo player set the mood. Feel free to join in and play a tune if you dare, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

9:30 PM - Stargazing and Bonfire

As the night sky comes alive with stars, indulge in stargazing, guided by an astronomy enthusiast.

10:00 PM - Farewell

Gather for closing remarks, reflections, and heartfelt messages from the group. Bid adieu to the enchanting beach setting, knowing that the memories of this evening will linger for a lifetime.

10:30 PM - Return to Lunablu Retreats

Depart from the beach, leaving with the enchanting memories of a night filled with relaxation, connection, and the magic of Sardegna's coastline. This sunset beach visit offers a perfect blend of relaxation, breathtaking natural beauty, delicious cuisine, some musical harmony, creating an unforgettable and enchanting evening for all participants.

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