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Suzanne Genner

YourSelf in Relationships

Early childhood experiences can set us on a life path of unhelpful beliefs, limitation and unconscious patterns.  By becoming aware of how your own personal life scripts continue to play out in your current behaviours and relationships allows you to intentionally write a whole new exciting story for your future!!

​Give yourself the gift of time, space and focus to connect to you own inner guidance. Evolve into the best loving version of you!  Step into this 6-day journey of self-discovery and remove blocks and distorted perceptions while strengthening authentic communication to your internal guidance and innate potential.  Your relationships to self and others will naturally develop as you start to enjoy the fun and adventure of connecting to the childlike delightful, mischievous and joyous essence of you! 

Join us for this authentic Italian experience in Salento for a life filled with more love, spontaneity and intimacy! Here you can play, learn and meet personal challenges in a safe non-judgemental environment while enjoying authentic Italian food (not forgetting the wine), wild beaches, dancing and glorious sunshine. Start making the changes you most desire!

​​​Methods can include guided processes, questionnaires, visualisations, art, letter writing, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and you will have the unique opportunity to:​

·         Change the story of your life

·         Move from your drama triangle to winners triangle

·         Identify your personal attachment style

·         Understand your relationship type 

·         Connect to your inner child

·         Tap into your inner resources and true potential 

​The clarity and insights gained allows for a change of perspective, genuineness and transformation and will lead to more effective communication, more fulfilling relationships with the people closest to you, and more importantly, your-self!  

How deep you go is up to you!

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When : Upon Request 

What: Your Self in Relationships

Who: Suzanne Genner, Counselor and PCT

Why: You want a better understanding of your role in a relationship, be it romantic, business, family or even with yourSelf


About Suzanne:

Suzanne is an experienced counselor of more than 10 years. She is licensed in person centred therapy, transactional analysis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), one to one therapy, couples counselling and inner child work. For many years Suzanne has worked in the National Health Service, colleges and the voluntary sector. Suzanne runs her private practice where she supports clients from all walks of life. 

Suzanne has a warm and fun sprit, a natural empath with a great passion for life. Suzanne's focus when working with clients is the importance of balancing the connection between mind, body and spirit. Her holistic approach is supported by her deep understanding of emotional and spiritual well-being.


Suzanne was born into a large family in the Yorkshire area of the UK. Coming from her own childhood of loss and trauma she is a life survivor with a personal understanding of the courage required to follow a spiritual path of self-development leading to the belief in triumph over tragedy!


She provides a safe, caring and supportive environment to help you find a way through any difficulties you may be facing in your personal relationships. Her approach is genuine, thoughtful and heartfelt.

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