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Another Lunablu

January's second full moon is nearly upon us, and it isn't just a full moon by any stretch. It's also a supermoon. And there's going to be a lunar eclipse the same night, which then makes it into a blood moon. And, since it's the second full moon of the month, this Wednesday's full moon is to be a blue moon...a Lunablu... as well. Talk about a trinity of spacial glory! To have all three lunar phenomenons happening at once is something unique. It is the first super blue blood moon in 150 years. Now That's what we call "once in a blue moon!"...

The “Lunablu” in tonight's sky will obviosuly not be blue, but that doesn’t dampen the symbolic implications of this colorful label. Blue shades are all about communication and clarity of expression. Like the Vishuda chakra that spins in the throat of our energetic matrix: Right at the center of our verbal communication. We should always be compelled to pay close attention to the way we communicate, when a blue color hits you. so during this full Lunablu, we have the opportunity to do the same:

  • What are you expressing?

  • What kind of signals are you sending?

  • What’s the motivation behind your communication?

In fact Lunablu is a brilliant time to recount the phases of your live that have lead you to this very moment in time. Milestones in memories can be revisited and epiphanies of the past can be taken out of your Soul and turned over in your mind. It is a time to reinforce your inner radiance by taking stock of all the brilliance you have achieved, encountered and facilitated up to this point. Become pregnant with your remarkability, so allow the Lunablu-light to amplify the magnificence of who you are.

We trust is that each of you will step into your own bright Self with renewed lunablu insights. This is an insanely pivotal moment in time. Seize it...

Love from Lunablu

#healing #fullmoon #voice #Self #expression #communication #radiance

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