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Discover U Break 

With Sharon Smith 

The discover-u break is an opportunity for self-discovery whilst taking a mini break.  It is a balance between an active holiday and a retreat and includes time for learning, doing and being. You learn skills (cooking, painting or photography), do activities (yoga and walking), and have time to simply be (rest, reflect, meditate).

The aim of this intensive, yet at the same time restful, week is to find what you are passionate about and give you tools and memories that support you to integrate this information in your day to day life. The program is designed to introduce you to various activities, which are all related to finding out what it is that you really love to do. Sharon has invited a private chef to make pasta with you, a master gelato maker to experience the art of making gelato in Italy, an art class and of course you will be guided through the Passion Test. All in all a fantastic program to allow you to discover YOU.

When : 

What: Find happiness and Inspiration within! 

Who : Sharon Smith, Author of #1 International Bestseller on Amazon, Eat Gelato: Find happiness and inspiration within for life’s journey and the forthcoming Breaks with Purpose

Why: To re-discover you and what you are passionate about

Price: €  for the total package ( inclusive private accommodation, full board, winetasting, pasta making, artclass, guided walk / bike tour, boat excursion and visit to the caves, visit to the beachclub (weather permits), morning meditations, Passion Test and one on one coachings with Sharon Smith during your stay.

About Sharon:

Sharon Smith is recognised as a Wellness Universe VIP (Very Inspiring Person) and World Changer.  Sharon speaks regularly on A Passionate and Purpose-Filled Life and Breaks with Purpose: the first step to getting clarity and hosts a monthly Inspiration! series.  The purpose of the series is to inspire listeners to take action to have the life and career or business they love. 

Sharon is author of the #1 international bestseller on Amazon, "Eat Gelato: Find happiness and inspiration within for life's journey" and the forthcoming book Breaks with Purpose. 

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