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Robin Zeller LMT, RYT 200

Robin is a  Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified in Zero Balancing, Registered Yoga Teacher 200 and the business owner of Nuinrgy, LLC, a private massage and yoga studio. Robin has been engaged in providing quality products and services in several industries. 

Robin has been recognized in the health and wellness industry for her academic and professional achievements by the National Technical Honors Society and respected colleagues. In Robin’s Massage practice, she realizes the importance of quality products and services. Clients are held in the highest regard and only the purest biological lotions and oils are used in the relaxing, healing, safe and secure studio. 

Currently, Robin has been seeking out avenues to employ integrated health and wellness experiences through the healing arts. The goal is to achieve a feeling of well-being beyond the traditional therapist/client interaction by facilitating holistic healing sessions in an alternative environment using different regions thoughout the world. Robin creates an expanding awareness in the client that transcends the quality of healing within one’s everyday environment.

  " Come immerse yourself within vitality and relaxation in authentic Italy-the retreat of infinite possibilities" 

Robin Zeller is our trusted Lunablu Ambassador in the United States since 2017. She has personally visit the locations and can share and inform you from her own

experiences. She will work closely with our Italian HQs to ensure all information is accurate and up to date. Robin is your go-to person when living in the US timezones. 

Robin is honored to be a part of the Lunablu Retreats serving as their United States Ambassador. She is pleased to provide retreat leaders, groups and individuals with an authentic Italian healing experience by way of a unique vacation destination in the Puglia region of Italy.


While visiting the Lunablu resorts, each guest will be greeted by the region's enchanting people and culture with its rich fragrant farmlands where millions of deeply rooted olive trees flourish, complemented by the delicately salted Adriatic sea air. The accommodations are distinctive. The rooms are luxurious, richly inlayed with warm tones of textured stone in the 17th century mansion that allows each guest to relax , rejuvenate and breathe in the richness of this region while fully embracing the feel of living in the 17th century.


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