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Rick Rook studied Business Administration at Zuyd University in The Netherlands. he discovered his passion for sales early in his career.  He worked for Panasonic and for a big retailer in The Netherlands and is always looking to develop his commercial skills. 

'...I personally do not like the word selling...'Rick says... I like to genuinly advice people on what they need. To understand what it is that they are looking for, and how I can serve them in that process. Especially in the Retreat Business, I will be closely listening to the ideas and wishes from our customers, and as such create the best possible solution...' 

Rick has big dreams, and one day he will own a niche resort of his own.. Go Rick!

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Rick Rook is our trusted Lunablu Ambassador in the Netherlands since 2017. 

Rick will work closely with our Italian HQs to ensure all information is accurate and up to date and he is your go-to person when living in the EU timezones. 

Rick says  '... it is so cool to be part of Lunablu Retreats, acting as a EU Ambassador. I am here to to provide retreat leaders, groups, and individuals access to a truly lifechanging Italian  experience in the Puglia region of Italy.


I would love to see more business people join Lunablu in 2018. Can you imagine what would happen if you would bring your team into this isolated setting, where you can focus 100% and dedicate all your time and energy to this one project that needs to be delivered upon? With Petra as a coach and consultant I know for sure that you will be amazed by the outcome. Enjoy some wines and fantastic Italian food while you are at it... not bad he?

Rick Rook

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