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Co-founder Petra Stormen 

Awaken to a new kind of retreat, a new kind of vacation experience that is so much more than only a retreat holiday. Me and my team are all dedicated to offer you an experience that is truly life changing, and it is our mission to create the best possible  conditions for you to transform your innermost being.


Emerge yourself in a soulful, extraordinary place to rejuvenate. Leave your day to day life for a short period so you can learn how to add introspection,  to experience a deep connection again and to directly see the opportunities to advance in your current life.  

When attending a retreat week with Petra you can expect a tailor-made program to ensure that the schedule perfectly meets the needs of the individual and the group. Petra will guarantuee to  accelerate your personal growth and development on a deep and profound level. We will use one-on one sessions, MBCT, The Transformation Game, Art therapy and buddhist meditation techniques. You will travel home with new inspiration and zest for life!...

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When : Upon Request 

What: Identify and reconnect with your original potential and make it work.

Who: Petra Stormen, Transformation Expert

Why: People, groups, teams, businesses who sense an opportunity to connect at a deeper level, find your purpose and make it work!


About Petra:

An unique opportunity to work with Petra Stormen, MBCT, life coach, certified Passion Test Facilitator and Business Consultant. Petra has been working as an executive in the travel, entertainment and medical devices industry prior to establishing her independent coaching and consulting company. She has coached hundreds of people from all walks of life and works as international consultant for large multinationals worldwide. Petra is seen as an expert in the field of transformation management: guiding individuals, teams, departments and organisations through (complex) change processes. 

She is the director and co-founder of Lunablu Retreats, which she manages together with her lifepartner Luca Venturini. She says:'... In Lunablu we continuously merge all our experiences, knowledge, wisdom  and passion for this life. We want to share all of who we are with as many people as possible; living life as it should be...'

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