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The traditional way of living and working is no longer the only way. Since 2016 we offer co-workation options in various location in Puglia. For those who are location independendent, and have the freedom to work and live from wherever they want. Fully immerse yourself in a lifestyle that allows you to design your life and work as you want it to be. We have opened up our services to LIP’s from around the world to join our community. We offer private or shared accommodation, full board and our private Italian chefs ensure a full immersion in the authentic italian lifestyle! What more can you wish for? Wifi…ofcourse…yep we have got it! Opt to join our daily coworkation program, book one of our excursions, coachingsessions, consultinghours and various other activities for you to participate in. Voluntary options and work exchange is possible, please inquire.​


Your event in Puglia...a dream come true. 

Bring your projectteam, a group of innovators, thinkthank or trainers: fly them in and let us awaken their ability to contribute and accelerate progress and free thinking. With over 20 years of experience in Coaching, Transformational and Organizational Development, we have developed the best programs which integrate seamlessly with your ideas, wishes and goals.

Your team will be able to explore, share and connect, to take a step back and look at the larger picture. Our stunning locations, programs facilitated by Petra Stormen will be an absolute acceleration of your innovative, cooperative and creative thinking.   You will do more in a one week, while being concentrated and focused, than you would normally do in months time… Guaranteed!  

A weddingcelebration  in a private masseria, overlooking the ocean....a productpresentation in an ancient olive farm or a fancy and inspiring exhibition in an old Palazzo...use our services to co-create with you. The area is synonymous with life style, historical venues, magnificent views, lively entertainment, gastronomic excellence and sunshine, you and your guests will be left with wonderful memories.

From accommodation to excellent authentic wine & dine experiences, we arrange boattrips, winery tours, cooking classes, guided tours to museums and historic sites, we organise for you to attend Festivals, concerts and much more...

Incentive travel 

Coworkation in Puglia

You have a unique gift, are used to work with individuals and groups of people. You embrace the benefit of bringing people into the best environment possible for them to grow and develop.Although you realize that organizing retreats is not as romantic as many want you to belief (no, it is no holiday and it is not an easy way of making money) you are absolutely attracked to the idea of traveling with your group and achieve maximum results in a short timeframe....More...

Plug'nPlay concept for retreatleaders


Everybody should be able to enjoy our fantastic experience-holidays in Puglia. Since 2017 we offer various holiday opportunities for people who have a care need. Our accommodation is wheel-proof and accessible, that is a given, but more importantly we ensure that the care you receive at home is mirrored with the care we provide on location. Nothing standard or one-fits all, we talk to you personally and make sure that we both understand what is needed upfront. Once you arrive upon location, let us take care of you and make sure that you and your family can enjoy a holiday like any other other person. Small, intimate, fantastic food, a nice glass of wine, a boattrip if you are up for it, and a visit to the beach. This is a very special experience for very special people, ask us! 

WeCare, holidays for travelers with a careneed


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