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Buon Cibo, buon vino e buoni amici

With Luca Venturini

Let me take you on a journey! Let’s catch an early ride to the local fishmarket and chat with the fishermen, taste urchins and pick the catch of the day. Let’s visit the local fruit and vegetable market together, shop for artichokes and fungi, or other products that are in season. After a quick cafe in the local bar, we will return to our place and there we will cook together… authentic Italian meals. We will make orecchiette, a typical local dish, and I will invite a couple of lovely local ladies to come and show us how it is done properly….they are the true kitchen alchemists!

I teach you about the wines, and take you to the wineyards, so we can look, listen and taste. During the winetasting I will teach you to appreciate the wines’ colors, perfumes and you will immerse yourself in its flavors. And let’s finish our days then in the garden, enjoy our home cooked meals, fantastic company and some nice music.

Life as it should be…


Buon cibo, buon vino, buoni amici!

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When : TBC

What: Authentic Italian Lifestyle experience


Who : Luca Venturini, Private Chef

Why: Sitting outside in the sunshine, drinking a glass of chilled white wine, eating pasta like only the italians make and long conversations about life...



About Luca:

Luca was born in Milan and traveled the world, always seeking inspiration for new dishes, only to always return to his roots: The Italian kitchen. The way he learned from his Nonna and his own mother. Authentic, warm and caring cooking, putting their maternal wisdom in each every dish.

Luca visited Panama, Mexico, California, Thailand and lived in Brasil for many years, he currently lives and works in The Netherlands, where he works a private chef and cooks for any type of event or professional kitchen. For many years Luca has been working in the hospitality field, he organised private cooking classes and has taken many guests on a journey through the scents, colors and emotions of the various vineyards of Italy. ‘…But be aware,..’says Luca “to enter the world of wines is sedusive, it is a road of no return once you have tasted and understood what a glass of wine can transmit…’ 

Luca’s biggest passion is to host people and ensure that they enjoy a taste of what Italian kitchen has to offer. Authentic yummy food, accompanying wines surrounded by an experiences of total well-being…life as it should be. ( oh and he loves Inter Milan) 

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