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Living in The Light 

With Jason Chan 

May 13-20 2018

The goal of this high-powered retreat is to develop our true happiness, fulfilment and radiant health. We will unfold our true human potential by drawing on thousands of years of accumulated ancient wisdom and practices by Masters of ancient cultures, and combining this with modern cutting-edge scientific knowledge on how matter and energy can be transformed by consciousness and the mind.

On this retreat we will share some powerful practices to increase
the Chi and Light energy for:

• Awakening
• Healing
• Empowerment


These will include Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung sequences that will assist you to harness the awesome beauty of nature and to return home to your most natural state of being that is filled with love and joy. You will understand the power of your own mind and learn a range of very practical spiritual tools to raise your consciousness and thus increase your capacity for true fulfilment and abundance in life. Relax and share fun and laughter in a beautiful environment with a true Master of the Infinite Arts.

Ask Jason

When : May 13 -20 2018

What: Increase your Chi and Light Energy, through wisdom  from the ancient Masters. 

Who : Jason Chan, Master of the Infinite Arts

Why: You are ready to receive practices to increase your process of awakening, healing and empowerment

Price: €1668.- for the total package (includes private accommodation, full board, 1 boat excursion and visit to the caves, 1 day to the beachclub (weather permitting), morning meditations, full day retreat programs and one pasta making event). Single supplement for this retreat is € 200.- 

About Jason:


Jason Chan is an award-winning author, a spiritual teacher and master-healer, creator and founder of Infinite Arts and Light Foundation. Originally coming from Hong Kong, Jason brings insightful understanding of ancient Taoist practice with A Course in Miracles' teachings into a new paradigm of living.

He's been voted most inspirational individual in 2008 by readers of Kindred Spirit magazine. In 2016 , he was chosen as one of the UK's leading "evolutionaries" by Source TV for his contribution to assist in the uplifting of collective consciousness through his unique energy work and teaching. He also received the Editor's Award from Kindred Spirit magazine in 2017 for his significant and meaningful work.

For the past 30 years, Jason has dedicated his life to passing on the benefits of his work to his students and spiritual seekers who attend his courses, retreats and individual sessions.

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