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Wild beaches, seriously tempting food and wine, few other tourists and an authentic down to earth life style– await those who venture to Lunablu Retreats, in the sun-kissed south of Puglia. In 2018 Luca Venturini and Petra Stormen, co-founders of Lunablu Retreats will be awaiting you again in Salento (Puglia), the heel of Italy. The Salento flatlands are still pioneer country and Italy's best kept secret invites you to travel here for sun, the most beautiful turquoise seas and seriously good food, fished from nearby waters and produced in the fertile pastures that supply much of the fresh contents of the country's larders. 

Petra: '....We have created this small niche in traveling-retreat business. Our retreats offer an opportunity for coherence and union of the heart and the brain, creating the best conditions for a rich, intense and positive experience, which will renew the trust in ourselves and others.We do so by creating a strong, healthy sense of community and an environment that invites for genuine self-expression and deep self exploration.

With Luca's Chef qualities and in-depth knowledge of the Italian kitchen and wines, and my background in business and coaching for over 20 years, we simply hold space for our visitors to heal and grow. We are proud to co-create with our team! Our talented retreatleaders travel from far and away, and share their knowlegde and wisdom.


Our services here are completely focused around our participants. And we find that living this lifestyle is rather easy, pragmatic and filled with humor and laughter. We believe we have been creating the best possible conditions for a warm, intense and positive experience. Which allows the individual traveler to awaken his or her ability to contribute and accelerate the willingness to share without expecting anything in return.

So with that said: we are looking forward to another amazing retreat year and meeting you in person in 2018! '

Join us for a life-changing experience in Puglia




We are awaiting you! 


Petra & Luca

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