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Co-workations for inspiring people

Lunablu's tailor-made coworkations are designed for groups of 8-16 participants....businesspeople, LIPs, entrepeneurs, coaches, teachers, healers and educators who are able to work location independent and would love to combine work with an inspiring location. And where better than in Italy to meet!


A coworkation is an incredibly rewarding and powerful investement. We not only create a hub to work from, but provide you with top of the notch activities, a private chef and entrance into the network of friends, colleagues and co-workers.


This is what we offer: Early rise yoga or meditation, powerful workshops, activities such as cooking and artclasses, winetasting, or a visit to the local market, followed by inspirational discussions and time for reflection. Our private chefs cook healthy and delicious meals, which you enjoy while sitting outside at a long candle lit table.

A full immersion in the Italian lifestyle, with direct contact to locals, some sparks for the soul and a week to remember for the rest of your life. A week, like any in our program, on which you look back in the future and think ... yes... this was a moment in my life that made a difference... with gratitude. Become part of our evergrowing tribe of friends, co-workers, enterpreneurs and business people who are, just like us, committed to share their skills, passion, knowledge and commitment to make the workingworld a better place!




Private chef 




Inspiring workshops





'...If you cant figure out your purpose, figure out your passions...for your passions will lead your directly to your purpose...'
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