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Once upon a Time (Italiano / Inglese)

Francesco Aprile

When : 8-13 October 2018

What: C'ero una Volta (Once upon a time)

Who : Francesco Aprile

Why: A creative, unique, fun and profound 5-day storytelling experience. Tell the story of your life while you travel through time in the Salento region with Francesco Aprile.

Price: € 1585.-  for the total package (inclusive private accommodation, full board, excursions full day retreat programs and live music event)

About Francesco:


I help people to change, to grow, to blossom. Through training or counseling sessions, I deeply care about others and support them to keep their wellbeing in mind.

I like to explore new languages and new ways of communication and truly dislike these typical boring conferences. Therefor I use comics, songs, arts and videos and much more to make the road of change a creative, fun and dynamic experience for my clients. 

After my degree in Philosphy, I have done a Master in HR Management, then I became counselor, with a strong interest in the Transactional Analysis approach.

As a trainer, I work both for corporation and charity organisation; as a counselor, I help people to find their balance in personal, couple and family life and I work with schools and associations about educational improvement.

"... and they lived happily ever after"

Isn't ths the ending al those fairy tales, that assure their imaginary protagonists?


In the tranquility of a splendid location in Salento, we will retrace our personal history in three stages (past, present, future) and, through narration and interaction with the other participants, we will understand how to make space for happiness during this journey.

The programming of this retreat will allow us to dedicate time and attention to ourselves, since I am from the region I will bring you in direct contact with the regions's most interesting places do support your journey. We will visit Otranto (UNESCO heritage), a private visit to the lighthouse where we will do a sunrise ritual. The land will provide you then in return with ideas and suggestions on how to interpret your past,  how to choose the present and finally suggest you how to shape your future.


Because even you, prince or princess of everyday life, deserve to live "happily ever after... "

"Be the change you want to see in the world" (Gandhi).

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