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Our goal is simply to offer you an opportunity for experiencing a life as it should be. Effortless being, an opportunity to step away from the vague reality of every day life. A reality in which we seem not to be anymore able to quickly, intuitively decide and move into the direction which is best for us on a soul level. Many of us have been driven by external requirements for long periods of time and are experiencing a longing for a different lifestyle. 

We are not a 5* resort, we are not a group travel organisation and we are not a traditional retreat center... our events are designed to open up to experiencing and thus learning this new lifestyle, to re-activate your intuition, and embrace new and passionate discoveries your soul is showing you. To offer an opportunity for coherence and union of the heart and the brain, creating the best conditions for a rich, intense and positive experience, which will renew the trust in ourselves and others.


We want to create a strong, healthy sense of community and a place that invites for conscious expression and deep self exploration.  

Maybe this sounds all difficult and rather serious, but in reality we find that living this lifestyle is rather easy, pragmatic and filled with humor and laughter. We believe we have been creating the best possible conditions for a warm, intense and positive experience. Which allows the individual traveler to awaken his or her ability to contribute and accelerate the willingness to share without expecting anything in return.

Meet the Lunablu Team 

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